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About Us

Huiwen Language Academy is a Chinese education center established under collaboration with Playfield Kid’s Academy and Educational Institution of Beijing Normal University. We put ourselves in the position of understanding the hardships of Overseas students on their way to learn Chinese, as well as the expectations of their parents! Therefore, helping overseas children to be able to communicate with the world in Chinese has always been our primary goal.

The company takes the promotion of Chinese culture and Chinese language learning as its mission, relying on the China’s teaching advantages, and combining the characteristics of overseas youths in Chinese learning, scientific selection and development of our teaching materials, helping overseas children and adults to communicate with the world in Chinese.

Our Programs

  • Courses level: 1-2
  • Suitable Students: Beginner
  • Suitable Ages: 4-8 years old
  • Total Courses: 20 sessions

Through Combination of interactive games, learning objects, pictographs, and simplified Chinese characters, children will soon get into the stage of chinese-learning. Master simple Chinese characters and literacy from the fundamental knowledge of style and meanings

  • Suitable Students: Pinyin Beginner
  • Suitable Ages: 5-8 years old
  • Total Courses: 20 sessions

Learning Pinyin from basic pronunciation. Children could learn 21 initials (plus yw), 24 finals, 16 syllables and 4 tones in these courses.

  • Course level: 1-4
  • Suitable Students: Nonnative Chinese speakers
  • Suitable Ages: 6-12 years old
  • Total Courses: 244 sessions

Since 2004, Chinese Hanban, as a public institution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education, has announced the Youth Chinese Test system. Our YCT courses are designed for the preparation of YCT test.

  • Courses level: 1-6
  • Suitable Students: Students with basic knowledge of Chinese
  • Suitable Ages: 12+ years old
  • Total Courses: 660 sessions

The Chinese language proficiency test (HSK) is an international standarized test that focuses on the ability of non-first language Chinese candidates to communicate in Chinese in daily life, study and work. This set of courses closely focus on the requirement of exam syllabus, and help candidates successfully pass the exam through detailed explanation of key knowledge, analysis of real question over the years, and mock exams!

  • Courses level: A & B
  • Suitable Students: Business person with basic knowledge of Chinese
  • Suitable Ages: 18+ years old
  • Total Courses: 500 sessions

Business Chinese Test (BCT), as a standarized test of international Chinese proficiency, focuses on the ability of non-Chinese test takers in their first language to communicate in Chinese in real business or general work situations. This set of courses closely around the requirements of the BCT examination outline, through the key knowledge refined, analysis of the real questions over the years, simulation examination, help candidates successfully pass the exam

Our Advantages


Wang Laoshi
She has 6 years of overseas Chinese teaching experience
Zheng Laoshi
Mandarin Teacher of Playfield Preschool
Yang Laoshi
Chinese teacher at China Mandarin Department
Meng Laoshi
Star Teacher
Ning Laoshi
Star Teacher of Confucius Institute